Plexr Plasma

If your not sure about Plexr see what other people think on the review page about their experience from having the treatment.

What is Plexr? 

It is a plasma generator. Is neither a laser, nor a radio frequency device. It is actually a ionized gas.  The ionized term indicates that a large population of electrons can be torn by the respective atoms, creating an active radius of microplasma. Thanks to the electromagnetic potentional difference between the device tip and the human tissue "deconstruction of epidermis/kerationcytes occurs from the the solid to the gaseous state.  

Safety of treatment:

It works on the epidermis  and it does not pass the dermal papilla layer unless the doctor or nurse makes it. There is no passage of electricity and no thermal damage.  In cases of treatment in the eye areathere is no damage to the nerves around the eye.  Thanks to the precise and focused action.

During treatment a visible smoke is produced, as a result of the sublimation process.  A crust on the treated area will then form and will fall off in and about a week later.  Leaving no bruising or scarrring

What Can It Be Used To Treat?

Non surgical eyelid ptosis.



face and neck tightening.


Seborrheic Cysts

Stretch Marks

Hyperpigmentation and Dark spots.

What To Expect After Treatment

My nurse or doctor will give me a Plexr pack containing cover up make up which i can use after 24 hours for any of the areas which have formed crusts. If my eyes have been treat they will be sensitive to sun light use sun glasses. Use the sun screen provided.   I must keep the area dry even when the crust have formed.  Wait until the crust have dropped of until you get these areas wet.  Apply the zinc cream to the skin once the crusts have dropped off. 

5-7 days: crust should drop off use cover up make up and sun screen.

7-10 days: once the crust have dropped off use the zinc cream and sun screen until the pink skin beings to fade.


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