Cosmetic Enhancement Studio Treatments See visible Results With Botox Call:07788625072
Cosmetic Enhancement Studio Treatments See visible Results With Botox Call:07788625072
Beauty Skin Deep Cosmetic's Ltd Cosmetic Enhancement Studio Castleford and Wakefield Line reducing and Dermal filler injections Call:07788625072
         Beauty Skin Deep Cosmetic's Ltd        Cosmetic Enhancement Studio         Castleford and WakefieldLine reducing and Dermal filler injections Call:07788625072                                                 
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Beauty Skin Deep Cosmetics Ltd 1 Ibbottson Street Wakefield  07788625072

We Take Pride In Delivering High Standards Of Care

Enquire about our Plexr Plasma treatment, long lasting treatment:

  • Skin tightening eye lifting treatment.
  • face tightening treatment
  • mole removal.
  • Cellulite treatment.
  • Scar reduction.
  • Acne scar reduction.

Enquire About our New Plexr Cube Plasma Treatment 

Enquire About our acne treatments with Plexr Cube, Derma Pen Peels for skin lines, Pigmentation and lines 


Treat Perioral Lines With Plexr Cube Plasma For Long lasting Results



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Before and After Results Wakefield Clinic

Dermal fillers reduce deep lines, and volumise cheeks, enhance lip volume.


learn about  line reducing injections, for visibly reduced lines. Injections know as botox.



To Book Contact Direct On Telephone: 07788625072



Cosmetic Aesthetics Studio 1 Clinic 1 Ibbottson Street WF1 5BH, Wakefield  West Yorkshire  boosting relaxing waiting room with complimentary coffee, baby changing facilities, disabled toilets.  Additional treatments rooms. Discreet and peaceful. Our cosmetic clinic offering line reducing injections with individualised protocols. We place client safety at the centre of all we do and adhere to high standards, offering Cosmetic line reducing injections. Including: Dermal fillers, line reducing injections, dermapen, skin boosts, Profhilo skin remodelling, Plexr Plasma, PDO Threads, chemical Peels and much more.

Offers: Helio Care Gel SPF 50 £17.

New Helio Mineral SPF 50 £22.

Neostra Eye renewal gel for puffy eyes and pigmentation £55.

Aesthetic Care Retinol A Cream £43 reduce your lines and tighten your skin. Use together for the best results



Aesthetic Treatment Results

We Offer Line Reducing Injections known as Botox and Dermal Filler, In our Wakefield clinic closely located to Leeds and Castleford.

What Does a cosmetic consultation for line reducing injections or dermal filler injections Involve In the Cosmetic Clinic Wakefield?


How Do line relaxing Injections Work (Botox)?

The injections act on the facial muscles by relaxing the muscle.

Line relaxing injections acts by smoothing out lines. Expect to see results from 3-7 days.


How long do line relaxing Injections last for?

Line relaxing injections last between 3-6 months.  Results will vary according to the strength of your muscles.  Also your own genetics, strength of muscles, age, life style such as history of smoking and depth of lines may effect results of treatment of (botox).


Do the Injections Hurt? We use small needles the sensations feels like very small pin pricks, the sensation is not uncomfortable. However if you do have a needle phobia we can use a local anaesthetic cream.


Alternative treatments to line relaxing injections Known as botox?

 Dermal fillers injections are an alternative to line relaxing injections. This option is available in our clinic rooms in Castleford or Leeds.  With Dermal fillers results can be seen straight away. Dermal fillers replace Hyaronic acid which is lost in the skin.  Dermal fillers replace the depleated volume.


What are the differences between Dermal fillers and line relaxing Injections?

Typically dermal fillers are used to reduce and  remove deeper lines were volume has been lost. Where as line relaxing injections are used for less established lines.


Treatment rooms at: 1 Clinic 1 Ibbottson Street Wakefield WF1 5BH in the area of  Pontefract, Normanton and conveniently placed for Leeds

contact us on telephone number: 07788625072


Dermal fillers are better for removal of deeper lines.


Treatment Areas For Dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are used to correct cheek volume, lip volume, lip hydration where lips appear cracked or thinner, upper lip lines where line reducing injections may not last as long. Speak to the cosmetic or aesthetic practitioner about our line reducing dermal filler injection at the Castleford or Leeds Clinic/studio.





What Does A cosmetic Consultation Involve At Beauty Skin Deep Cosmetic  Castleford and Wakefield?


 The Aesthetic/Cosmetic practitioner in Castleford Hair/Clinic will complete a botox or dermal filler asessment before your botox or dermal filler treatment in the Castleford or Wakefield clinic close to  leeds. This will allow an individualised treatment plan to be made for Botox or dermal filler treatment and a prescription. This is a prescription treatment for line reducing injections. Sometimes a combination of both chemical peel and botox might be part of your treatment protocol for optimal removal of lines and skin tightening. Botox line relaxing injections can be used in the upper and lower face. A full medical history will be taken and the nurse will want to understand what your individual requirements are.



What Are The Alternative Treatments?

If your not keen on line reducing injections known as botox, try our in studio cosmetic alternative treatment in Castleford or Leeds. The Derma pen protocols which acts on your natural production of collagen. This has a different action to botox line relaxing injections. Stimulation of the natural healing cascade aids in removal of lines without the need for botox. Needling stimulates the natural release of growth factors, epidermal growth, fibroblastins chemo-taxis, fibroblast proliferation and then the matrix production is a great alternative to botox line relaxing injections. With treatments being less costly than botox and down time only 24 hours of skin redness available in our Hair studio/Clinic in Wakefield. 


Available Treatments  at 1 Clinic 1 Ibbottson Street Wakefield WF1 5 BH convenient placed off the new link road from Doncaster Road, leading on to Agbrigg Road. Walking distance to bus stops and Sandal station.

  • Line removal/relaxing injections botox
  • Dermal fillers
  • Botullin Toxin injections for Hyperhridrosis injections for excessive sweating
  • The Dermapen
  • Scar reduction
  • Rosacea treatment
  • Medical grade peels
  • Profhilo Skin remodelling
  • PDO threads.

 Beauty Skin Deep Cosmetics Specialises in line reducing injections referred to as  Botox toxin A And Aesthetic Treatments in Castleford and surrounding areas of Leeds. 


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Contact Details: Beauty Skin Deep Cosmetics at 1 Clinic 1 Ibbottson Street  WF1 5BH Wakefield a 07788625072
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