Cosmetic Enhancement Studio Treatments See visible Results With Botox Call:07788625072
Cosmetic Enhancement Studio Treatments See visible Results With Botox Call:07788625072
Beauty Skin Deep Cosmetic's Ltd Cosmetic Enhancement Studio Castleford and Wakefield Line reducing and Dermal filler injections Call:07788625072
         Beauty Skin Deep Cosmetic's Ltd        Cosmetic Enhancement Studio         Castleford and WakefieldLine reducing and Dermal filler injections Call:07788625072                                                 
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Botox line removal In Castleford & Leeds beautiful Hair Line


Beauty Skin Deep Cosmetics Specialises in Botox and aesthetic treatments in Castleford and leeds. We Offer clients Botox in Castleford with only a short comute from Leeds by a car with the benefit or being close to a station. 


Line removal botox injections in Castleford are one of the most popular botox aesthetic treatments. For information on our range of botox treatments in Castleford for those from Leeds, seek advice from the aesthetic Botox clinician in Castleford.   Botox is used in the upper and lower areas of the face to remove lines. 


Planning a Consulation? for botox in Castleford coming from Leeds. It takes about 30 minutes, this will include the injections of your botox. You will also receive botox after care advice at Castleford or if necessary you live in Leeds in regard of your botox treatment another appointment will be booked.


How Line Reducing Injections Work?

Botox acts on the facial muscles by relaxing the muscles and smoothing out lines, removing lines. Results from botox can be seen in 1-2 weeks.  Alternatively dermal fillers results can be seen straight away, typically dermal fillers are used for the removal of deeper lines in comparison to botox which are used for more superficial lines. Results of botox are usually seen for 3-5 months, we are always happy to review your botox results. You should not need additional botox in Castleford or Leeds for a further 3-5months this depends on the strength of your muscles working against the botox.


Cheek enhancement or facial contouring are one of the benefits of dermalfillers compared to botox these can be sort at Castleford hair/aesthetic clinic or the Leeds clinic. With botox results being seen within 7 days, where as with dermal fillers often results are seen straight away. The aesthetic/cosmetic pratitioner in the Castleford Hair studio/Clinic will complete a botox or dermal filler asessment before your botox treatment. Sometimes a combination of botox and filler may be of benefit.


Sometimes a combination of both chemical peel and botox might be part of your treatment protocol for optimal removal of lines and skin tightening. If your not keen on botox try our in studio cosmetic treatment in Castleford/Leeds. This natural treatment the dermal pen which acts on your natural production of collagen. This treatment works differently to botox, it works on your skins natural chemicals, also available at Castleford hair/cosmetic clinic. Stimulation of the natural healing cascade aids in removal of lines without the need for botox.  Needing stimulates the natural release of growth factors which reduces lines and users have similiar line reduction to botox. This produces similiar effects of botox, by stimulating epidermal growth, fibroblastins chemo-taxis, fibroblast proliferation and then the matrix production  is a great alternative to botox. With little down time with derma pen treatments available in our Hair studio/Clinic at Castleford, Leeds, Wakefield,  Castleford. Some may still prefer traditional botox treatments but give derma pen a try it was first launched in Castleford hair studio.


We use only the highest-quality botox products in our Castleford and Leeds Hair/Cosmetics clinics for all our botox and dermal filler treatments in Castleford and Leeds, leaving your skin looking fresh and restoring your skin so it looks youthful as well as appearing natural. Treatments including:

  • Line removal/relaxing botox injections

  • Dermal fillers

  • Botox injections for Hyperhridrosis injections for excessive sweating

  • The Dermapen

  • Scar reduction derma pen

  • Stretch mark treatment with the derma pen

  • Rosacea treatment

  • Medical grade peels

We are available for clinical consultations and botox treatments, 18 Holywell avenue Castleford Wakefield WF10 3FD.  Opening in New year clinic in Wakefield


Botox Results

Beauty Skin Deep Cosmetics
Holywell Avenue Castleford
Wakefield , West Yorkshire WF10
Phone: 01977516627 01977516627
Mobile phone 07788625072
E-mail address:
Cosmetic Clinic

1 Clinic 1 Ibbottson Street Wakefield WF1 5BH close to Sandal Station and major bus routes. 07788625072/01977516627  Rooms available for clinicians to rent in wakefield Clinic  From January 2018 Enquire here or See FSL lettings


We  offer a range of expert cosmetic treatments provided by Alisa Stevenson Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner. Treatment with a difference with over 19 years experience as a qualified nurse and 9 years as a senior sister in the NHS.  Alisa values safety in practice as the core priniciples of her practice.



We use only the highest-quality cosmetics line reducing injection products for our professional treatments, leaving your skin looking fresh and restoring your skin so it looks youthful as well as appearing natural.


We use the following products in our treatments:


Botox/ line reducing injection prices start from                        £120 for crows feet

Juvéderm® ULTRA dermal 

Ultra Volift 1ml per syringe  £195

 Voluma £210

Smile 0.55ml £120

Volift Touch £165

Volift 1ml £200

Profhilo 2ml syringe £225 offer 

Restylane Defyne £175

Restylane Volyme £185

Resylane 1ml £175

Resylane 0.55ml £130

Restylane Refyne £175

Boletero dermal fillers per syringe                    £140


Mono Min Thread V Lift Treatment:

90 threads £900

50 threads £500


Plexr Cube Plasma

2 treatments to upper and lower lid £450 introductory offer.

2 treatments to jaw area, cheeks and ears for jaw lift. £500.

2 treatments for acne confined to both cheeks only £500.

2 treatments for acne including cheeks, chin and forehead £600.

2 treatment to remove pigmentation to 1 cheek £350.

Derma pen: The derma pen is great for lines around the eyes any lines on  the face, reducing and improving hyperpigmentation, thread veins and improving skin services. £100 for 1 treatment or book a course of 3 £290. Get even bettter results for Acne scarring with our Stem cell treatment.  Combine this treatment with the Derma Pen with even more starling results.

Derma pen hair treatment for hair thinning and for thickening of hair using our hair follicle serums £200 per treatment.


Treatments at 1 clinic 1 ibbottson street WF1 5BH Agbrigg Tel:

07788 625072.



Up date on clinic in Wakefield  we have two clinical rooms with access to  modern waiting room facilities and on  street parking for rental agreement. The clinic room rental will include down stairs disable toilet and baby changing facilities.


Call on 07788625072 to discuss terms 


  •  Two areas of Botox for £160 bring two friends and have two areas for £140.  
  • Dermal fillers one 1.5ml syringe of Radiesse for £220 or Teosyal Starting at £175 per 1ml syringe have a second syringe and get this discounted at £140.
  • Juverderm per 1ml syringe £185.
  • Vitamin C Signature Peels to boost collagen and improve line reduction for only £60.
  • Neostrata Peels £60 full range available.
  • Teosyal Ultra Deep for Cheek Contouring and volume £190 per syringe 1.2ml syringe.



Botox/line reducing injections treatments on two people from £280 


Acne Packages:


From Retriderm Retinol skin serum £43  Speak to our practitioner for further information prescription only. See your acne and skin improve significantly with improved skin tightening.


Rosacea, Reddening skin, Flushing, Blushing, thread veins: Treatment Packages: from £20- £42 for 2 month supply including remover 2 in 1 cleanser or synchrorose cleansing milk and Tonic lotion 200mls, Active Rosacea Treatment Fast Lotion to control redenss and treat 30-50mls, supporting product fluid powder camouflage make up.


Chemical peels: mandelic Peels from £60 idea treatment for reduction of acne scarring recommended minimum of 3-4 treatments for best results. 


Chemical Peels for Acne :or more heavier Photo damage or Pigmentation: Prices start at £60 per peel or x3 £170 post peel lotions can be purchased to used in the same calander year. 


Dermal fillers £185 per 1ml syringe 


Heliocare Cream SPF 50 50mls £17.00 with postage and packaging ask the cosmetic practitioner about this product. Buy on the day of treatment for £16.00


Retinol A Creams 1% for Acne care available to purchase direct from the clinic at £45.  Usual retail price is £50.


Heliocare Cream SPF 50 is an advanced sun cream that is specifically designed to be used on the face for normal and dry skin. It protects the delicate skin areas, such as around your eyes, as part of a daily anti-ageing skin care routine. Ideal for on going maintenance after a cosmetic treatments or as part of your fine line/anti aging treatment.



Please contact us for treatment venues as this is can be negotiated


Find Us on: or 07788625072 discuss alternative venues which can be negiotated. 

Use our contact form:



Discounts available on many of our luxury treatment - take advance of discounts on Health care Staff Benefits for those who are members. 2.5% discount members only on Botox treatments


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